White Tailed Deer Hunt

Whitetail season lasts from the 1st weekend in November until the middle of January. Our whitetail hunts are a one on one guided hunt for a buck in the point range you are looking for. Most hunts will be from a comfortable elevated stand and it is not uncommon to see 10-15 bucks in a sitting.  Most hunts are videoed in order to determine shot placement and to enjoy your hunt throughout the years. These hunts are great for our first year hunters to veteran big buck hunters. We have had 100% success rate and take pride in helping you get the buck you are looking for.


All hunts are 3-day hunts that include Food, Lodging, Guide Fees and basic processing of your animals. Taxidermy is available through a third party. There is a $150 fee per day for non-hunting guests.

Guide’s Choice Management hunt  


Management Bucks up to 130 inches


130-139 inches  


140-149 inches  


150-159 inches  


160 inches and up  

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