Exotics have really taken a hold in Texas and the T14 Ranch is a great place to hunt for the many different species found in Texas. The great thing about hunting exotics is that you can hunt them year round! Our antelope and ram species hold their horns all year long so we can chase them clear through the summer if that’s what your schedule permits. Axis deer could be hard horned or in velvet, at any time of the year as they cycle at different times depending on when that individual animal was born. Our Fallow Deer and Red Stag mirror our white-tails in horn development and when they drop their antlers.

Exotic hunts will be a one on one hunt with one of our guides. Each species presents its own special challenge, as they all prefer the different types of habitat on the ranch. We take pride in working to get you a mature trophy and we rarely have hunters leave empty handed!


All hunts are 3-day hunts that include Food, Lodging, Guide Fees and basic processing of your animals. Taxidermy is available through a third party. There is a $150 fee per day for non-hunting guests.

Axis Bucks


Blackbuck Antelope


Fallow Bucks


Red Stag


Audad Rams


Scimitar Horned Oryx


Assorted Rams


Trophy Boars